KELSRFLOYD Basic Lightroom Presets

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This package includes the option to download the presets to mobile and/or the computer.

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Follow @krfedits on Instagram for editing tips with these presets after you purchase. Follow the instructions in @krfedits Instagram bio to be accepted. This page has been great for those that aren't familiar with editing in Lightroom. I share adjustments, tricks, and tips for fixing common issues.


For the mobile presets - Adobe Lightroom CC App (free)

Computer presets - Adobe Lightroom Computer App (monthly fee)

Hey guys! I’m so happy to share my Lightroom presets with you! I’ve been getting a lot of requests about my editing style so I’m sharing with you the edits I’ve used the most throughout my time on the Gram.

These edits work best with outdoor photos with good lighting, but they can also be used on indoor photos with good lighting. These work best with natural lighting. These don't always work best with synthetic lighting such as ring lights, ceiling lights, etc. These edits work best on photos taken with a high resolution camera, but also work great with good resolution phone pictures. I use the Canon EOS M10 and occasionally my IPhone X.

These presets are recommended for bloggers or people just looking to enhance the aesthetic of their social media feed. If you are a professional photographer I would recommend sticking with presets created by other professional photographers because they have a better understanding when it comes to editing professional photos.

I am a blogger from South Florida so these edits were created with a focus on my environment - the beach, poolside, tropical greenery, lots of sunshine, around town, light colored buildings, etc. Check out the hashtag #kelsrfloydpresets on Instagram to see others who are using them.

*Due to the nature of this product, all sales are FINAL. Be sure to read the description well to make sure this is right for you*


If the video tutorial is confusing, follow this link for a step by step download tutorial:

To access the mobile video tutorial, click on “view product” in the email receipt.


After you purchase, you will receive an email with the link. Download, drag, and drop into Lightroom and that’s it! Following these steps, if you don’t see the presets appear in Lightroom you may need to close the app and reopen it.

*Any unauthorized distribution of Kelsrfloyd presets will be met with legal actions*

Use the hashtag #kelsrfloydpresets for a chance to be featured! I hope you guys love them and use them just as much as I do! 

These are the edits I currently use on my photos, but often they need minor adjusting/tweaking depending on the lighting, resolution, and saturation of the photo.

I recommend taking the time to learn Lightroom and how each setting works because a basic understanding will help with tweaking the photos.

Details / Editing Tips

Ice Pop - This cool-toned edit is pretty versatile and can be used in many different outdoor settings. Due to the tone of this edit, your skin may appear "washed out" but simply playing with the orange saturation and hue makes it an easy correction. :)

Cream Soda - This warm-toned edit is pretty versatile and it can be used in many indoor and outdoor settings. This edit normally doesn't need too much correction. Xx

Caramel Apple - This warm-toned edit is very similar to "cream soda". This edit is more intense so it's less versatile than other edits. If you try this edit out and it doesn't work with the photo, I recommend using "cream soda" instead. 

Pink Lemonade - This pink-toned edit is pretty versatile and can be used in many settings. If your skin appears too rose-colored, I recommend playing with the orange saturation and hue for an easy fix. :)

Natural - This edit is extremely versatile and can be used in all settings with good lighting. This edit helps brighten the image up and can help to give you a "sun-kissed" look. If you appear too sun-kissed or not enough, I recommend playing with the orange and red luminance. Xx 

Hawaii - This edit is perfect for the beach and other outdoor settings with lots of color. If you feel the colors are too saturated or not enough, try playing with the saturation and vibrance.

Autumn - This is a more copper-toned preset that I've been using a lot for the Fall season. This preset works best with lifestyle photos with good lighting.

LOVE YOU GUYS! Happy editing! #kelsrfloydpresets

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KELSRFLOYD Basic Lightroom Presets

29 ratings
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